To inquire about booking at The Accord, email us here:

And we’d be glad to hear from you — but please note: ours is a stage designated for nationally touring artists that can really sell tickets on their own. We tend to stick with those that are represented by agencies we know and trust, and for good reason. 

So, if you are a regional act looking to break into the music scene here in Champaign-Urbana, we’re glad about that — but you are likely best served contacting some local bands and working your way into venue shows through that avenue first. It's the best way to crack into a scene, and start making a name for yourself. 

There are a ton of amazing venues all across Champaign-Urbana; Mike N' Molly's, Cowboy Monkey, The Canopy Club, Memphis on Main, Fat City, The Iron Post, Joe's Brewery, The Rose Bowl, along with a ton of awesome houses that put on shows. So, there's a way for your band to perform in town here. 

The same people who book shows at The Accord also work with other venues, specifically, Cowboy Monkey.

If your band is local to Champaign-Urbana, then we'd LOVE to hear from you. It's our intention to provide a space for  your band to perform at The Accord; we see it as the best stage in town. 

So email us!